Symphony of Thoughts

Symphony of Thoughts

Whenever I sit to do some work on my laptop, I will start with one task and in no time I will switch to another and then from there again I will go to another. It’s like a nonstop chain reaction, where I am not able to control my mind or thoughts per se.

Maybe the reason being I have so much on my plate and I want to finish all of them. I understand that I will not achieve the end goal if I continue doing this. I need to change.

Listening to self-improvement and motivational audio/video is my favorite things to do. I get to learn things about how should I can improve my habits to see the impact it has on my life. I guess I am doing a lot many things but not completing any single one of them.


This is the call for me, its high time for me to prioritize and think of doing just 1 task in a day.