Thank you Abhi😘

Thank you Abhi😘

Thank you, Abhi😘

For the last few days, I am dealing with postpartum stress. I have been stressing a lot about how I am not able to do anything else but taking care of Reet. I talked with Abhi about it and he consoled me and explained to me how this is not how I should think.

He explained to me that this the only time I have, to be with Reet so I should cherish every moment of it, rather than thinking about how I am not able to create any content for my blog or my channel.

I took to silence and sat back and thought for a moment, I am doing all wrong here. I am losing what I have and wasting my time on negative thoughts. If I channel my energy in positive thinking and work toward creating a good environment for my baby I will be happy and she will be happy too. And in return, she may sleep well which will give me some time to relax and do whatever I want (still not prioritizing). It also considered how Abhi must be feeling by staying away from family and not able to spend quality time with Reet. Thinking that I realized that I should look at myself from a 3rd person perspective.

Long back I had started listening to podcasts it is amazing. It gives me clarity of thoughts, also I get to know many writers and good books.