Its Time to re-visit your #GOALS

Its Time to re-visit your #GOALS
Riteeka revisiting Goals
Riteeka revisiting Goals

We set “GOALS” for ourselves every year, especially in November and December. But how often we revisit or take follow up on ourselves?

By “GOALS” I mean “RESOLUTION”, I will use the word Goals as the word Resolution is too heavy for me, and I can’t relate to it.

I set goals about health, happiness, fitness every year. Yet manage to fail to accomplish it, and start fresh each year. And I am sure, some of you are also experiencing the same. And let’s not criticize ourselves, we are very busy and occupied people in the history of humankind. Aren’t we? It’s very likely that we can easily forget the goals we have set, after 3 or 4 months.

So what’s the Solution?

The solution is simple, you need to repeatedly re-visit your “GOALS”. I would say re-visit your goals in the last week or the first week of every month. So that you can prepare the mindful roadmap for the upcoming month. Take the conscious decision of your action and work towards it every day. Reflection is the key to success here.

Its like we are having small progress card, rather and starring at the unfulfilled goals at the end of the year.

This way you will have the same amount of enthusiasm and energy for your set of Goals that you have planned to accomplish at the start of the year.

You are taking ownership of yourselves. You are following up with your GOAL setting. This will boost your self confidence.

Let me know if this resonates with you.



My Favourite Things this Week

Video : કોણ માનશે ? By શૂન્ય પાલનપુરી || Kon Maanshe ? || Shunya Palanpuri || Monika Samarth

Monika is a good friend of mine and a senior from engineering college, we met in the college library, where both of us were hiding books, I guess :D.
She has a very unique way of narrating the poem, she does it with full charm. You should check out her channel MoSamArt, where she shares the most beautiful poems and ghazals from our enriching Gujarati literature.

Game : Chess Free

I have been constantly engaging myself in mind exercise and what better way than to play chess. I am using this app to level up my tactical skills. If you want to challenge me, hit me up! My name is Riteeka Rathod. I will be more than happy to play with you.

Anyways please comment, how are you doing? How you are using this time with your family? What are you Binge-watching? Have you experimented on any new food item by showing your Master chef skills or If you have found any good channel or show on any platform? Any book recommendations? Lemme know!!! Please feel free to comment.

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