Have you ever gone into deep thinking? Where Ideas keep coming and you fill like you just step away from implementing it. This is the period when I feel, I am at my Supreme. I call this period Symphony of Ideas. This period is very important to me as I can align my thoughts and actions according to this.

Mostly my thoughts are directly and indirectly in the context of what content I should prepare for my blog, travel ideas, my habits, what I have achieved so far or I can achieve.

There is a particular period in a day when a symphony of ideas is at its peak. Which mostly occurs in the morning when I take a shower or in the afternoon after lunch. I take this period very seriously and write down everything that comes in my mind.

Just found out a quote from Dr. Kalam
“Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life. ”

Today an idea came to my mind that I should keep the board in every room of my house or at least in all bathrooms.