What is my Dream?

What is my Dream?

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam said, “Dream is not which you have when you sleep, true dreams are those which don’t let you sleep.” And you have that dream once it is a dream and when you have it twice it becomes desire. And when you see it for the third time consecutively, it becomes passion, aim and a goal”.

Like everyone I have many dreams like buying a car, the house, have a better life and all. But one dream that I see repeatedly dream is yes you guessed it right, Travel Dream.

And I am very fortunate to have the life companion who loves to travel too. I had traveling seed sown in me since childhood and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Abhi is the gardener of my dream. He has nurtured and helped me in fulfilling my dream.

In my last article Ideabox I have shared some glimpse of my dream. And not just in dream the bug of travel and sharing that story with you is my passion and I work towards it everyday. I literally think about travel and how do I make more content every single second.

So yes you must dream and make your Dream come true. Have a good night and Amazing Dreams.