Exploring Pondicherry and Paradise Beach

Exploring Pondicherry and Paradise Beach

In Today’s agenda, we have 2 main things first, Exploring Pondicherry city and the second, and important one to cover that is Paradise Beach. We started off with a good breakfast, I am going to miss all the delicious breakfast items at home because Crossway I the Hotel is spoiling me 🙂

Muskuraeyee aap Pondi me hai” 😀

Firstly, we went to visit the French colony and to the spots, we pinned yesterday. This part of  Pondicherry is established and created by French people. Once you enter into the colony, you see Bright Yellow and white colored walls, small doors, theatres, hotels each and everything will be of French style architecture.

The colony has very old houses, yet the way they are maintained and built so well that it stands out in beauty. You cannot help yourself from posing in front of every wall because every wall in Pondicherry is instagrammable.

How to reach Paradise Beach and our experience

Next, we went to Paradise beach, there are two ways to reach the Paradise beach. You can directly go to the beach via road and another option is to take the ferry boat and reach the Paradise beach. And obviously, we opted for the latter option. We went to Chunnambar Boat House, where we parked our car and got the entry ticket to Paradise Beach.

Boat ride to Paradise Beach exploring Pondicherry
Boat ride to Paradise Beach
TIP: Start early. Don’t go on weekends to avoid heavy rush. 

How To Reach to Paradise Beach via Ferry

Reach Chunnambar Boat house Point by taxi/auto or take your own car too. There is a parking space where you can park your car. You need to take a Parking ticket in that case. The place is managed by the government and it is well maintained. You need to buy an entry ticket and boat ride tickets separately. They will take you to Paradise Beach island by a speed boat or by small ferries carrying 40 or 80 passengers at a time. A ferry takes up to 25-30 minutes to take you to the beach.

BEACH TIMINGS: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Current Fare

  • Rs. 200 per person for a to and fro ride.
  • Rs. 40 for video camera
  • Rs. 12 for the beach entry fee

What to expect at Paradise Beach

Part of the fun in reaching the beach is the beautiful ferry ride. The backwaters on the way to the Paradise beach are green and have thick mangrove forests. The backwaters are fresh and green, especially after the monsoons. You can spot a lot of birds while on the ride – and photography enthusiasts would relish the opportunity to get some great photos here.

Paradise beach is a totally picturesque place because upon entering, you will see pristine turquoise blue water and white sand. Apart from beach, there are other entertainment area created such as rain dance platform and bamboo shades for relaxing. You can also enjoy the view by simply relaxing under the shades and sipping coconut water. Another important Point I would like to highlight here is changing room and bathroom were in good condition, which I didn’t expect. Overall you can spend 3-4 hours easily on Paradise beach.

We all were famished after playing in the water for 2 hrs so we headed straight to Cafe Xtasi for Pizza. Ordered some Pizza and mocktails, it was good food.

New Light House

After lunch, we headed to New Light House. View from the top of the lighthouse is priceless because you get to see the panoramic view of the beach and entire Pondicherry. This is another go-to place is Pondicherry. However, the entry fee is very nominal at around 20-30 INR. Visiting hours is from 15:00 to 17:00. I loved this place especially because of its blue spiral staircase. Check out my Insta Post below,

After that, we headed back to the Hotel and jumped into the swimming pool :). I know, we can’t get enough of water. You are right!

Crossway I The Hotel and Convention Centre exploring pondicherry and paradise beach
Crossway I The Hotel and Convention Centre

We played till 7 o’clock in the pool. We had dinner at the hotel because we were not in a situation to move our limbs anymore 😀 Oh Boy, what an adventurous day it was. This is how we spent our exploring Pondicherry day and visiting Paradise beach.

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