The City of Yellow And White Walls

The City of Yellow And White Walls

What can I say about about this city of Yellow and White walls, it has stolen my soul. It is our last day in Pondicherry, so I want to make most out of it. We need to check out at 12 pm. We were supposed to leave early in the morning as Abhi has to drive all the way to Bangalore and we didn’t want to drive under the Hot sun. But we still decided to stay back for a while and explore the white town more.

the city of Yellow and White walls
White Town

So we are back on our foot in the early morning on the streets of Pondicherry. And the view of Streets was the same as I expected. People (mostly older than 40s) were walking on streets chit-chatting about their life may be. People greeting each other, going out for buying vegetables or fresh seafood.

The sight was very peaceful and calm. I believe In the morning you get to see the culture of localities. I believe, morning is the best time to learn about people and culture of any city. As they do their routine stuff and chores, it is very interesting to see and experience such a thing. As in the evening, the streets will be full of tourist and you won’t get to see what the locals usually do.

What is my take on Pondicherry Culture?

Pondicherry is an amalgamation of obviously French and Tamil culture, where I see some area is highly influenced by French. Although in food culture I see Tamil taste is more dominating and the reason being the place is located in the Indian subcontinent. Obviously, the dishes are French inspired but the taste is still near to Indian I feel that.
Another Important thing I would like to highlight here is “Don’t ever compare Pondicherry with Goa”. I have seen many people coming here with the expectation of Goan cultures like Party and nightlife. Guys, if you have Goa in mind then you will be disappointed. Pondicherry is a place of Peace loving people and spiritual culture. Pondicherry is well known for its French architecture inspired colony and spirituality of the way of the life of its people. Also, you will notice people following the path and discipline of Sri Aurobindo.

So yes I personally love Pondicherry and its vibes. This was my second-time visit, I will definitely visit Pondicherry again. So, Guys! this is the City of Yellow and White walls through my eyes. Let me know your thoughts below in comment section if you have been there. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love
Riteeka 🙂

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