Beautiful Sunrise at Pondicherry

Beautiful Sunrise at Pondicherry

Our first morning started with watching the most beautiful Sunrise at Pondicherry. Sun emerging from the horizon in the stillness of the early morning is breathtaking site. I can say sunrise in Pondicherry is one of the attraction.

Sunrise at Pondicherry experience

Words can hardly describe watching the rising sun behind the clouds, sea waves gushing on rocks and making a beautiful sound, fishermen fishing with their huge nets, the flock of birds passing by, crabs crawling on rocks, dogs playing on the beach and cold breeze touching your face. It was a very poetic scene by the way 😉. We spent around 2-3 hours in the morning at Promenade and then headed back to the hotel for breakfast.

How we spent our day at Pondicherry?

Got ready and started our Pondicherry exploration, we decided to go to Auroville and visit Matri Mandir. Auroville is quite nice and peaceful location, we visited the Mantri mandir Gallery and had some refreshment there. We wanted to visit Matri Mandir from inside but tickets were sold out until next 2 days. So decide to skip visit the to the viewpoint of Mantri mandir too as the Sun was blazing hot and it was already 1 o’clock in the afternoon. As it was summer and the climate in Pondi was very hot and humid for us Bangaloreans, we can’t survive there :D.

We had our first French Lunch at le Dupleix, one of the most sought after fine dining places in the city, which gives you some French colonization and a typical Pondicherry feel.

Cafe Des Arts Pondicherry
Cafés des Arts

After filling our stomach we went to another nearby cafe  Cafés des Arts,  not for the food but for their graffiti wall :P, we were shamelessly taking photos for our Instagram. We wanted to try the food at Cafés des Artsbut never got a chance, saving for the next time. We roam around a bit in white town and pinned some of the locations for taking photos.

Riteeka Rathod at Cafe Des Arts
Riteeka Rathod at Cafe Des Arts
Riteeka Rathod at Cafe Des Arts
Riteeka Rathod at Cafe Des Arts

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