Evening at Promenade Beach | Pondicherry

Evening at Promenade Beach | Pondicherry

How to spend an evening at Promenade?

Promenade beach is the heart of Pondicherry. An evening at Promenade beach you can see a whole lot of things. Evening walk at Promenade beach is an experience on its own. Walking near the rocky beach while enjoying the cool sea breeze. You can enjoy the view while sipping coffee at le Cafe right on the beach.

That’s how you can spend an evening at Promenade beach. But first, let me rewind a bit and take you how our day started.

Our Trip to Pondicherry begins….

We woke up around 6 am got ready and our butts were out on the road by 7 am. I must say Bangalore in the early morning looks much peaceful. My cab driver suggested the following route (shown in map) for Pondicherry and said that “this route is good and without potholes”. Abhi was not in favor of route via Vellore, but I was so confident because of my driver’s words I convinced him. So as per my vote, we decided to take the route (showed in the map below) with less km. 😛

IMP NOTICE : Take Vellore route, although its long. Also its has more highway food court and obviously road is pretty smooth. 

On the way, we made 2-3 pitstop and reached Pondicherry at 2 pm. Long distance traveling made us tried. We were also famished and I was not in a condition to move my limbs without food. So we decided to ordered lunch at Hotel and slept for around 2-3 hrs :P. After much-needed rest, we thought of exploring a nearby place that is Promenade Beach.

The Crossway I the Hotel where we are staying is great due to 2 reasons. Firstly, it is in a prime location and hence gives us easy access to all the hot spots of this heritage city. Secondly, the hotel is approximately 1.5 km away from the Promenade Beach and French Colony, 10.5 km away from Auroville.

Evening at Promenade Beach
Promenade Beach

On our first evening, we decided to go to the promenade and walk by the beach.
Streets were buzzing with tourist as it was Easter evening. Promenade beach was crowded and the restaurants were closed too. We spent our evening at the Promenade and called it a day.

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