Day Trip to Channarayana Durga, Near Bangalore

Day Trip to Channarayana Durga, Near Bangalore

One of the good treks I have done near Bangalore is Channarayana Durga. Channarayana Durga is hilltop fort in Tumakuru districtKarnataka. There are few temples, small pond and old structure inside the fort. Day trip to this place is quite interesting as it is rock climbing without signboards or guidelines and very few people visit this place. This trek is definitely an awesome way to get the feel of adventure and enjoy the ruins of Fort and the beauty of natural surroundings from the top.

On the way to Channarayana durga
On the way to Channarayana Durga

On this trip, I and Abhi were accompanied by Rupali and Miten. We went by our car. From Doddenakundi we started around at 7:30 am and pick up Miten-Rupali from HSR. We took the following route as shown on the map.

We stopped on the way for breakfast and got packed lunch for ourselves. As per the little research I did, there are no restaurants near the Channarayana Durga. So we packed some idli, vada, and rice for lunch. The climate was cool and the road was also smooth, hence we enjoyed the drive.

What to expect on Channarayana Durga
  • First, let’s talk about the spectacular view one will see from the top of the hill.
  • On Channarayana Durga you will find the ruins of a fort constructed by local king Chikkappa Gowda, but later on, conquered and ruled by Marathas, Mysore Wodeyars and later by British Army.
  • On top, you will find many Gods idols carved on walls, temple, alleys and one pond which I guess is formed later by stagnant water.
Temple on Channarayana durga
Temple on Channarayana Durga
About the Trek
  • The trekking is moderate as there are no steps or tracks. It has pure rock surface, which might be difficult for someone to climb. It took us around 30 to 40 mins to reach on the top.
  • The place is not visited by many people, so I would recommend going in a group.
    Four of us were accompanied by a shepherd and his cattle :P.
  • There is a small-quaint village at the bottom of the hill. You might get water over there but it’s always good to carry your own food and water.
  • I don’t recommend to go during rains as the rocky surface gets slippery and difficult to climb.
Ruins of Channarayana Durga
Ruins of Channarayana Durga

The day we went was a little windy and cloudy and we saw the rain shower at a far distance from the top of the hill. (check out the picture below)

View of Rain
View of Rain

For Bangaloreans, Nandi Hills is goto place I believe. But if you want to go on an adventure ride I would say go to Channarayana Durga. It’s a moderate trek to do near Bangalore.
And do let me know your experience if you go there, I would love to hear from you.